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Greetings all! I'm a new aquaponist (?) here in Sacramento. The weather is looking promising today for rinsing some media--Hydrocorn (an expanded clay) in my case. Hopefully I can finish my small setup over this weekend.

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Getting closer to having an operable system! I ran my first full plumbing test today, and found a few things that need tuning. My wife is going to help with painting my fishtank cover tomorrow, which is the last major thing I need to complete before I can begin cycling my little temporary system. (Well, I also still need to wash my media.)

Welcome and best wishes, Jim.  Do keep us posted on your system.  Bonus points for pictures.

Thanks, Paul! I attached a picture on the previous post, but I don't see how to include a photo inline. Is that possible with this site?

Hi Jim,

Yes, saw your nice picture, and yes, inline photos are possible:  when typing your message, click on 2nd icon from the left in the row of icons just above the message window.  Inline is really nice, I think.  For example:

Ah, thanks Paul! I see those now, on the full web site. (I don't think they were there when I posted from my phone, which is what I normally use for taking pictures.)


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