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local university offering to train & build you an AP system, no charge; RSVP by Friday

If that interests you, let me know by this Friday 9/11.  They'll need your name, address, and phone.  This is coming from 2 local professors who have a number of knowledgeable students interested in doing this.  While they need to know of your interest soon, the roll-out date might be some months for now, maybe even a year. 

I don't know many more details.  Profs or their students will contact you to discuss further.


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yes. definitely interested. should I PM you my address and phone. Just curious which university would this be.

folks can reply by sending me a message on this forum or emailing me at

I would love to talk with them. I am in the process of converting my backyard to a productive backyard Aquaponics landscape. I have had a working system for almost 4 years and I am wanting more.

Tom Hack


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