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footprint:  10' x 12'; could be reconfigured to approximately 4' x 27'
system type:  ebb/flow media bed and rafts
plant spaces:  ~12 in media bed and up to 15 per raft x 13 rafts = up to 207 (more if you keep immature plants spaced closer together)
fish tank:  100 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank with corrugated polypropylene cover
biofilter:  dual 40 gallon stock tanks, nested, top one has perforated bottom.  This design allows free flow of water at bottom of biofilter, eliminating buildup of sludge
ebb/flow regulation:  external bell siphon in 7 gallon bucket.  Extremely reliable!
rafts:  2' x 3' corrugated polypropylene sheet, dual layer white/black.  Unlike traditional foam rafts, these rest 2" above the surface of the water, allowing air exchange and not needing supplemental aeration.  Holes fit 2" net pots.
raft trays:  3 each 3' x 6' hydroponics trays, plus one 2' x 3' tray.
sump tank:  70 gallon bathtub
water pump:  Rio 1700 642 nominal GPH

More pictures and narrative here.

Improved version of "tray-ponics" system designed by Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens in Hawaii.  Biofilter and bell siphon construction are the best I've ever made or seen, frankly.  Biofilter, external bell siphon, and raft trays are supported horizontally by heavy-duty steel struts and vertically by 4x4 lumber and pier blocks.  System fits into a 10' x 12' greenhouse, maximizing use of that amount of space.  

I'm selling this system now because I have moved on to a much bigger project at another location and do not have time to maintain operations at both sites.

Asking $700, which represents half of the original materials cost (and none of the design or build time).  I'd be happy to assist with disassembly and loading.

10' x 12' greenhouse is also for sale for $550 - see separate posting.  If you want to buy both the GH and the AP system, I'll knock $200 off the combined price.

916-533-5268 voice/cell

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AP system is still for sale, though greenhouse is not.


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