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Hi group, 

I received catfish from the state fair. I originally wanted to go with a stronger, more resilient fish to deal with the temperature range here in Sac but figured they were free fish, so why not. They got the system cycled and all is well but I also have goldfish and can only keep one or the other. I am going with the goldfish for now and the catfish are up for adoption. I have put considerable time, energy and some money into helping these fish become healthy again so I won't say no to a small donation if you so choose. 

The catfish are mixed sizes, anywhere from 3 inches to 10 inches. I need to get them out asap so I can use the system the way it was designed! Thanks for your help and hopefully we can find them a good home soon. 



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Hey Adam,

I am very interested in your catfish...nice home for them, their choice of 860ga. inside accomodations or 5500gal. outside with a view.  Either way I would love to provide for them.


fracturedkernel at mindspring dot com.


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