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Hello fellow Sacramento-area folks,


It's still a bit early for much detail on this, but something to keep in mind:  each summer at the State Fair in Sacramento, the California Aquaculture Association has an exhibit featuring live farmed fish (and crawdads, turtles, frogs, etc.)  It's one of the most popular exhibits at The Farm section of the Fair.  Something like 700,000 people pass through each year (!).  They have a couple temporaty staff that take care of the exhibit and show people stuff and do crowd control ("sir, let go of that sturgeon!").  In addition, different CAA members volunteer, and last year I and volunteered a bunch too.  It was a lot of fun, very educational, and a great place to meet folks in the industry.  This year the Fair runs July 12 - 29, and I will be helping CAA recruit additional volunteers.  And, this year we are putting in an aquaponics component for the first time.  So, if you're interested, contact me.  There won't be a lot more details until much closer to July, but for now you can at least save the date and let me know if you're interested.



PS:  some basic video of last year's exhibit, including fish cooking demonstration, is at

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Not currently sure what my availability would be, but I'm definitely interested.



Fishy McFisherson said:

Not currently sure what my availability would be, but I'm definitely interested.


I am interested


Jane said:

I am interested

I'm interested!

oh good - more working with you will be fun!

State Fair aquaponics exhibit is starting to come together.  We're starting with one set-up; if we have time and energy to get more going before the July 12 start date, will do.  The first set-up will have something like a half-dozen ZipGrow towers planted out in probably basil and who knows what else.  We'll get the towers growing before the fair and then transport them to the fair and install them just before it begins, when the fish for the aquaculture exhibit arrive.  Here's a shot of the towers (plus some extra for backup).  Just got them hung and plumbed today.  Will start running fish water through them tonite and plant them soon.

The exhibit is a joint effort of the California Aquaculture Association, the Aquaponics Association (including David Rosenstein from LA and myself), and the State Fair.  Will certainly need volunteers during fair time and perhaps before and after.

I'm right downtown, so if you need a hand let me know.


Looks great Paul ! 

Hi friends,


State Fair opens in 3 weeks, with first-ever aquaponics exhibit.  It's going to be great!  Please let me know if you want to volunteer answering questions and helping out at the exhibit.


Looks like we'll have up to 6 different systems on display!  Exhibit will be open 11 am to 10 pm Mondays through Thursdays, and 10 am to 10 pm Fri/Sat/Sun (same as rest of aquaculture exhibit and rest of The Farm).  I doubt we'll be able to have a volunteer there for all of those hours, but the more of those hours we cover, the better.  You would also do some ushering of people around the other fish on display (ie not just the ones in aquaponics systems).  You can volunteer for as few or as many hours or days as you want.  You will be required to fill out a State Fair Volunteer forms and a Megan's Law form to screen for registered sex offenders ahead of time.


It's a great chance to learn more about aquaponics and aquaculture and to meet folks in both those areas, as well as to introduce the public to this field that we are so enthusiastic about.  And, for the days you volunteer, you'll get a free pass to the fair and I believe free parking as well. 


If you are interested, please let me know (so far I've got yes's from Jane, Anne, Adam, Julia I think, and Justin; and a maybe from Will.).  Let me know what days and times you're interested in, and/or in general how much time you might want to put in.  The Fair runs Thursday, July 12 through Sunday, July 29.  See for more details about the fair.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks.



916 533 5268



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