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Finally we got the group started.  Justin and I got together and began a group so we can all get together without too much trouble for any one person.  Go here and become a member. There is no obligation to go to any meet up but you must be a member to see what we are doing.

With the group any member can host a Meet-up so we can visit each others projects, get together for a class, go on field trips or anything we want to do.  We are keeping it light and democratic.  We would love some volunteers to host a meet up as well as give us some ideas. 

The first Meet-up to break the ice will be an informal potluck at my house about three weeks from now to give us time to gather folks.  Bring a dish or drink and we will tour my place and talk about the future of the group.

Here's the link I hope to see some people signing up soon.

We need some pictures and I don't want to steal them so if you have any that relate to us send them to me and I will post them on our site. 

Thanks everyone, looking forward to meeting everyone. If you have any questions shoot them off to Justin or myself.

If you are new to Meet-up sign up and check out some other groups as well there are over 1000 here in Sac.

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I think I'm attending a wedding that day. I'll have to check.

Sounds great, thanks, Janet and Justin! I'm going to try to sign up for this.

No problem there will be many more Meet-ups in the future.

Fishy McFisherson said:

I think I'm attending a wedding that day. I'll have to check.

awesome Janet & Justin!!  Only been posted a couple hours and already 1/2 dozen folks have signed up. 


Just a reminder to join us at Meet

Our first meet up is this Saturday, even if you can't come to this one please send us your ideas on future meet ups.  Would anyone like to volunteer to have a Meet up at their place? Nothing fancy needed just a tour of what you have going on.  Maybe we can do two in one day. By the way we have 20 people signed up already.  Thanks everyone.

Just a reminder everyone, our Meet up group is today at 3pm.  We will be enjoying a BBQ potluck.  I also talked a Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Expert into joining us and giving a little talk at 4 pm. Come down we will be going until late if you want to stop by.  You don't have to join just come one over.

Good Food, Good Company and Good conversation.

See you soon.


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