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Recently had to take down nearly all of the AP system on my porch to make way for painters, who were then delayed for a few weeks.  Took the opportunity to clean up and reconfigure my system:

That's a new sump tank in the middle.  40 (45) gallon oval plastic stock tank from Tractor Supply in Woodland, $40.  Old sump was combination of 30 gallon structural foam tool box (nice and sturdy, but various internal contours really collected lots of solids) and old cooler.  New tank gets some circular (ovular?) flow from water returning from fish tank and pump is right in center of tank floor so I'm thinking there should be much less accumulation of solids.  

Same 70 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank as before for FT, on right.  

New covers for both tanks, 4mm black Coroplast (that stuff they make campaign lawn signs out of).  4'x8' sheet costs under $20.  My usual mom & pop supplier (Golden State Plastic off of Power Inn) was closed so got it at Interstate Plastic off of Expo Blvd.  The white part of the FT cover is repurposed 1/2" plastic mesh, originally a fluorescent light covering.  Wanted to allow some sunlight to come through for fishies.

External bell siphon in 5-gallon bucket is now resting on 3-legged stand made of 1" PVC sitting right in the sump tank.  

And new cupboards, $21 used from Habitat For Humanity ReStore on N. 10th Street off Richards Blvd.  [Nice selection of used bathtubs there too if anyone's looking...].  My previous cupboards were a repurposed aquarium stand  - way overbuilt for this purpose, too much weight in wood and not enough storage room.  Now plenty of room for all those AP supplies that tend to accumulate!

Happy spring everyone, hope your fish and plants are poppin'


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Good job Paul :)

Looks great Paul :)

Great looking new upgrades. Do you still have goldfish or are you using food fishes?

Bluegill. Trying to emulate the spirit in which you gave me those goldfish, Janet (thanks again!), I shared them all with other APers in the area over the last year or so.


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