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On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 2:41 PM, Vanessa Weldon a href="" target="_blank">> wrote:

Hello all,
 I am happy to announce that the 2013 Virtual Aquaculture Workshop on eXtension will be held Nov. 12-15 1-3PM Central Standard Time (2-4 PM Eastern, 12-2PM Mountain, 11-1PM Pacific, 7-9AM Hawaii).  You will be able to access the event at  You will be asked to login. Please select "Enter as Guest" and type in your name. If you get a notice that the session has been closed, you have probably logged in to early, please close your browser and try logging in again. Below is the program line up. Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you! 
 Vanessa Weldon

Nov. 12 Species  (20 minutes each)

Freshwater prawn - Laura Tiu, Ohio State University

Crawfish - Greg Lutz, Louisiana State University

Winter Culture of Rainbow Trout in Cages – Brain Nerrie, Virginia State University

Seaweed Culture – Sarah Redmond, University of Maine

Gulf Killifish – Chris Green, Louisiana State University


Nov. 13 Systems (30 minutes each)

Aquatic Weed management - Greg Lutz, Louisiana State University

Recreational pond management - Forrest Wynne, Kentucky State University

Open Water Aquaculture – Michael Chambers, University of New Hampshire


Nov. 14 Aquaponcis (1 hour)

Allen Pattillo, Iowa State University


Nov. 15 Aquaculture Business Management(30 minutes each)

Business Planning - Matt Parker, University of Maryland

Aquaculture Regulations with Emphasis on the Lacey Act– Elizabeth Rumley, National Agricutlure Law Center

U.S. Aquaculture Regulations: A Comparison with Seafood Certification Schemes– Gary Fornshell, University of Idaho


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Do you know if there will be access to a recording after the presentations?

Hi Jessica - They have done so with all previous workshops like this, so I would guess yes.  You can email Vanessa Weldon to confirm if you want to be double-sure.

Jessica Johnson said:

Do you know if there will be access to a recording after the presentations?

rlw here- just joined and am checking out the site...will there be another discussion soon?

Hi Robert,

Haven't heard of plans for future discussions.  If I do, will post here.  You could inquire with Vanessa Weldon in the mean time - her email address is in the original announcement.


from Vanessa Weldon yesterday:

Hello all,

 I wanted to send out an update on some events going on with eXtension. Due to several request to have some of the webinars in a downloadable format eXtension is conducting a pilot study to determine the feasibility and cost of creating these files in addition to having the recordings available online. The Freshwater Aquaculture Aquaponics: Paradigm Shift with Airlift Series has been chosen to be part of this study. The Aquaponics: Paradigm Shift with Airlift Part 1 and Aquaponics: Paradigm Shift with Airlift Part 2 are now both avialable on YouTube. Thank you.

Way cool Paul! Thanks for sharing =)


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