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Hello my name is zach I live near the Knoxville area and I am looking for people that are also into aquaponics. Where are you located at in TN?

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samsjoy89 said:

Hi Linda, and welcome!


I use the expanded clay (Hydroton).   While it is more expensive, I’ve found it easy to use, and it was readily available here in Knoxville at  near the airport.  I found the staff helpful as they have 2 Systems setup and running, so in the customer service department, they know what they are talking about.  They also carry products which I’ve also purchased both here locally and online.   (not affiliated with these companies, but I like their products and great customer service)   

Linda Cook said:

Hey Guys. Just joined. I am in Sparta. Just set
Up my IBC containers. Any advice on a grow medium. All the gravel here is limestone and I understand that is not a good medium.

That is what my husband wants. I was afraid it would be too expensive. Knoxville is only a couple of hours away, and my daughter lives there, so a visit would be nice.


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