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I have been looking sources of crays (other than native tyoes) for my AP system. One of my considerations has been are the crays I want legal in Louisiana? I have done searches and NOT found anything to indicate they are illegal. I have looked at red claws and marbled (cloning) crays.

I figure for my own use I will raise them if I can get them for a decent price and IF I can get them to breed and grow. BUT my concern is IF I happened to have a surplus, could I legally offer them for sale or trade?

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I purchased my first bunch of crays, catfish, and tilapia on eBay.

Have fun.

Thanks, Dave.. I have found places to buy the crays. I just did not want to get some and then get caught with them and get a hefty fine.

I think if I was quiet about just having them, nobody would be the wiser, but if I sold any, that would be another story.

My thought is that if you keep them in a tank, not in a pond, you will not have a problem

If you sell them to people who will use them in a tank, not in a pond, you will not have a problem.


If I had a concern about selling crays, I would check with your local fish and game office/ compliance officer.

If you check with them, you will not have wild speculation. People on here do not have experience for your particular area.

I do not sell anything.


In general if you are keeping them indoors in an aquarium where there is little/no chance of escape AND you live well above the flood/storm surge zone, then for personal use you can probably do it fairly reasonably since most aquarium trade isn't that closely monitored (though having them shipped to you through the mail may get you caught if the local regulations are strict.)

Definitely check with your local authorities since crawfish are an industry in Louisiana and having non natives that could perhaps escape and become a problem species is a real threat.  Those marbled crays are a bit terrifying if they are capable of being detrimental to native species in any way.

As for selling them, as noted you really need to find out what the Louisiana regulations are dealing with aquaculture before you dare advertize selling them in any way or ship them in any way if you are worried about getting fined. 

Look up your states fish and wildlife, and/or department of agriculture to see if either of them has info on Aquaculture certificates, permits and inspections.

Thanks TCLynx, I have done several searches and not found a definitive list for most of he species. BUT Inthink my search parameters made not have been good enough. A. Used terms like legal, legality and named genus species, and common names, but I did not think ab
Out using a simple search for aquaculture regulations, inspections, etc... :) :) :)


Thank you for keeping us informed.


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