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I have the bell and siphon down for the aquaponic systems, I am now wanting to do a floating raft and DWC system. Also I am doing strawberry towers.  I think I have the understanding of the theory of the strawberry towers??? I understand the theory behind the raft system but I am not to clear on the DWC theory.  Do you have a small amount of water running thru the pipes? or do you have it like the raft system with a continues amount of water running thru the pipe.  I would really appreciate the help with this ASAP!  I am in the planning stage of it, and anyone with any information.....I would greatly appreciate it.  Randy

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I think you're asking about NFT. DWC is floating raft. Strawberry towers can be examples of NFT. From the AP glossary: 

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) - A method of growing plants in which a thin and even film of aerated nutrient solution flows down a channel into which the roots of the crop are suspended. It is very important to filter the water well before sending it to an NFT trough since fish waste in the trough and on the plant roots will negatively impact the plant's growth.  NFT aquaponics requires separate solids and bio-filtration.  While the reduced amount of water needed to fill the system may seem like a benefit, it can mean greater temperature and water quality fluctuations in a short period of time.

DWC (Deep Water Culture) - DWC is often referred to as Raft where the plants grow suspended over a tank of water in which nutrient rich water flows with supplemental aeration.  In most situations filtration needs to occur before fish water is sent to the raft area of the system.


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