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Aloha all,

Just joined today. 2 years ago had taken a tour of Coastview Aquaponics operation. Going back to the big island IN 4 WEEKS to see what damage our Puna property sustained from the hurricane.

Wanted to visit again with Chris to see about setting up our aquaponic system. Tried calling - phone not working, tried website - not operational. ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS? 

Any info would be most appreciated.

Mahalo for your kokua,                                                                                                                   Michael                                                                                                                   

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Aloha Michael,

Coastview Aquaponics is no longer in business. After the birth of my son I was forced to go back to construction work which slowly came back here in Hawaii. I had to pay the ransom to the f@@$%^%$@oles at the bank who held my mortgage at the time. I was making a living at aquaponics but it was by no means able to pay all the bills for a family of 4 with my small farm. It was a heartbreaking decision to stop farming like I wanted too. I always hoped my farm would be a stepping stone toward a bigger farm but that was not the case. We are still growing food for our family with our scaled down aquaponic systems though. Once bit with the bug it is hard to stop!!!! We enjoy aquaponics MUCH more now that it is not a job too. There is no pressure to plant and harvest on given days and do all the other work that is involved in running a farm.

Puna took a very hard hit in the storm as you know. We have friends there that are still without power. I hope your property did not receive tooo much damage. Things would not be as bad if there were no albizia trees! Hope you didn't have any.


Aloha Chris,

Mahalo for your current status. It's sad you're not able to farm in the way you want at this time. Remember every closed door opens another new one.

I will stay in touch with you and maybe we can talk story from time to time especially when I ready to set up my system. At that time we could possibly make a consulting deal or something.

Mahalo again for the update.


Michael                                                                                                                                             `Ihilani Tropicals                                                                                                                                       808 238-6643

Aloha Chris,

What's the best way to stay in contact? 

Email me with your phone and contact info if you want to be in direct contact.

I can be reached - Michael - or and of course 808 238-6643

Mahalo again 


Aloha, Michael


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