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Greetings all again from Jamaica
I was browsing the internet the other day and say somrthing very interesting on youtube. It was a video of morning star fisgerman aquaponoc system. There was no hole in there net filter or the filter with the baffles(forgot the name) instead it had what seemed to be 2" pipe with 2 elbows to create what looked like a big pvc U. It had an end in both tanks and it carried the water from one tank to the other. Does anyone have any experience with this siphon??? Like a proper name and how it works? How to start it and such???
Give thanks

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This may be a question for Raychel Watkins—she’s a member here. Raychel tinkers with different siphon designs, maybe she could help...? Good luck.

I think those are air lift siphons, meaning that air bubbles are blown into them and they carry water from one tank to another.

One would have to see a picture to really know what type siphon it is.  It could be air puhing from one tank to another or it could just be a siphon pulling water from one side to another.  you just fill the u up with water and cove both ends up tight, turn u upside down one end in one tank in the other.  Then let go and if one is lower than the other it will pull water over to the other tank.  I had tried hat and it worked pretty good.  If air is pushing then you get oxygenatioj

thanks for the replies,

this is a youtube link to the vid that i saw this thing in

This is just a straight up siphon that they are using. You don't want to run air near a siphon like this or it will fill up with air and break the siphon.

I call it a water bridge to people who don't know siphons well. It makes more sense to them.

On the left most barrel, I see the top of a pipe. I am assuming that's a stand pipe that drains water into a sump or something. The siphon will balance the water level between the two barrels and the tank up to the height of the stand pipe.


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