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I wanted to find out what everyone was growing in their rafts because I need to put a paper together for a buyer that wants to build several greenhouses and grow herbs.

I know that it is easy to grow lettuce and all leafy greens in rafts as well as basil and chives but want to find out about other herbs. They are mainly interested in basil, chives, rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, dill, oregano and tarragon.

Does anyone have any experience with rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, dill, oregano and tarragon in a raft setup?

I am wondering if any of these herbs would not work and why.

I am sure that hole spacing would be changed for some of these herbs.

Also if you can grow these better or faster what are you using?

Keep in mind that this would be done in large volumes.

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I am growing a few of the things you mentioned. Here is my 3rd quarter planting lis for my outdoor system in Phoenix Azt:

Japanese cucumber (look just like armenians to me. We shall see)

Armenian cucumber 

French charentais cantaloup

American cantaloup (hold over from 2nd quarter)

Watermelons (holdover from 2nd quarter. Did not do well the first time)

Cucumbers (hold over from 2nd quarter)

Lufa (got to get rid of these things. It keeps trying to overgrow everything)



Chocolate mint (slow growing but cool)

Lemon cucumber

Purple Basil (slow growing)

Some kind of Serrated basil (very cool)

Thai basil

Globe basil (slow growing)

Lettuce leaf basil

Sweet basil


Corn (not doing well)

Best boy tomato

Cherry tomato

More zinnias (left the seeds in the car and wanted to see of they are still good, so far they are)


Gazania (slow growing but cool flower)

Just can't get the lettuce to start. Guess 113F air temp is just too hot.

Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus x O. niloticus x O. mossambicus) (eating like pigs)

Freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)

I've done thyme Rosemary and several types of oregano in rafts. They did OK, but they all do much much better in media beds here in the Florida keys.
I've grown (and grow) all of the herbs you have listed in a raft system and they have performed extremely well for me. Water temps and air movement will be key to keeping the plants healthy and do everything you can to prevent the introduction of pythium into your system (don't buy plants and rinse the roots, don't use peat, etc).

I grow them year round and sell to an upscale restaurant, a ritz Carlton (when I have excess), a co-op and at a farmers market. Premium quality produce and I never have a problem selling what I grow.


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