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So out of curiosity does anyone know a reason why one would not use the plastic sheeting you could purchase from say Home Depot or Lowes like the following; Husky Plastic Sheeting / Liner ?

I am sure this may attract a broad answer of it may leach etc, but does anyone really know? Does polyethylene leach toxins? Was curious because most of all the rafts people use are also made out of the same stuff as the "Styrofoam rafts".

Was just comparing costs and this stuff is SOO much cheaper than pond liner. Like almost 65-75% cheaper. I have used the stuff for some other applications and it is very durable and very difficult to rip in most cases.

Some specifications I have found that may be of interest;


Derived Info

What are your experiences/research?

Well just reread and noticed;

This product is not FDA, CPSC or NSF compliant. It is unsuitable for use in applications such as direct or indirect food contact, toys, medical device or pharmaceutical applications or for potable water application.

Guess that answers the question!

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My question about the ratings are whether it is because there is a problem with the materials or whether the manufacturer did not spend the money to try and get it rated for that purpose and is just protecting i'tself against liability.
It's one thing to make a product harmless, but a whole other thing to be certified as such. I'm sure it would up the price too.


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