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Looking into the future, I'd like to go commercial. At this time in my life, career, and AP obsession, it makes sense to me to learn all I can about commercial AP farming, just on a small scale. Small enough to feed the family. Future goals are to have a small roadside stand - honor system, having a refridgerator at or near the stand for keeping things cold, and, well, haven't thought much more into the future. Kind of keeping myself back from going great guns and tripping over myself. But I do have ideas.

So I need info on how to set up a system that is expandable using the Raft system. Expandable to 3/4 of an acre. Wide open with a very gentle slope from north down to south side. Have a well deep and plentiful enough that the county was looking at buying it from us to pipe the neighborhood.

Have water, have land, but not enough time at the moment to dedicate to a large system, but again, I would like to set up with the future in mind.



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I recommend you start by purchasing Friendly Aquaponics Micro System Manual and building one. You can buy the PBF and have it printing out right away. This manual is the most in depth publication that I have seen on the raft method. It has drawings and material lists for 2 sized systems which helps make the construction easy.

I believe that it is best to start with a small system and start test cropping to see what works best in your area. Once you find what works will you can begin to focus on growing and market those crops. I think it is best to have a market BEFORE investing in a larger system.

When you do want to go bigger it is easy to scale the system bigger simply by using the same proportions and multiplying by X.

working on getting a Friendly AP Micro Manual. Have bought one of Murray H's CD's, am active in some discussion groups/forums, bought and read and reread a few AP books. We're getting there.


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