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Hi everyone! I had some issues with setting up a grow bed's plumbing and it got me to thinking, in the interim, can I just set up a raft directly onto the fish tank? If it were any other kind of fish, I'd just go ahead and try it, but right now I have goldfish in the tank, which are notorious for eating aquatic plants in traditional aquarium keeping. I'm afraid they'll gobble up all the roots. Has anyone tried this before? Success or failure?



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Failure... My fish enjoyed my plants.

My  goldfish are happy and thriving in an IBC with a floating raft and a duckweed raft. The roots are fine, the fish are not eating the roots, the lettuce is wonderful. I bought the goldfish last summer from Pet Smart for .39 each and they are now almost 5x larger. We feed them TetraFin goldfish flakes( Wal Mart) and they gobble it up like crazy.


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