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 my idea is to come from a 175 gal tote ft, drain into a 5 gal radial swirl filter into two  14" tall rafts that I cut from a IBC tote.Cut on their sides.Before I cut my holes I wanted to run this by the group.My drain would be 3/4 pvc. After the inlet side, do I pull water from the top or is it best to pull from bottom of the rafts? 

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I agree with Bob...  Big drains

I use a 1/2" for the lower depth stand pipe and 1-1/2" for the upper height main standpipe.  I let the pump rest 45 minutes of an hour, letting the water drain down to 3-4" deep then flood and overflow the upper standpipe the remaining 15 minutes of every hour.

buy the warranty for your pump, they quit about every year and half, I get a replacement for $9 at harbor fright every year


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