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Of course leafy greens do will, but what else?

I have grown taro, watercress, okinowan sweet potatoes (no tubers, just for the leaves), and papaya in my systems.

What else has grown well for you?

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Passion fruit is currently taking over one side of my greenhouse.  Spring onion never fail (is that a leafy green?).  Tomatoes yield well, but I find them very temperamental, strawberries do well, egg plant yields beautifully but tend to take over.  My cucumbers were going like gospel and then they just died.  I'm trying again because the fruit were 1st class.  I also have some ornamental flowers (Gerbera daisies or Baberton Daisy as wel call them) coming along nicely.  I have had very good growth in the past out of a lot of different pumpkin / patty pan types, but then the mildew set in.  I recently tossed the plastic sides on my greenhouse and want to try again.  Also on the medicinal / ornamental side, I have had an aromatic geranium in the past that grew beautifully.


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