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Hi Miguel,

I think this video is absolutely inspiring! We really have to stop, and start cleaning up. We already have the technology available but very few with the will. In Aquaponics, we are soon going to run out of clean water and fish food and will have to rely on a more holistic approach for sustainability in the form of Permaculture.

Yes. There is no time to wait for the rest of society to cach up or governments to make changes for us. We need to implement these knowledge sets from the ground up. It is urgent work, but thankfully it is intersting and fun. Take Care.

Can someone please send me this video. I'm blocked from Facebook and You-tube.

Thanks guys.

I have the video embedded on my website, but not sure if this will help.

If that does not work let me know how I can send it to you. Take care

Hey Miguel, I'm disappointed to report that the embedded video does not work here and have to ask you to send it to me.


I am going to try email it to you. It is on youtube but not sure if it will work. Send me your email throught the message service on the forum.

Hi Carey,

Please look at the info i sent to you. The problem is that the files are too big to send via email. The maximum you can send this way is only 2Gb and videos are mostly larger. If we upload the file to a server site these are also blocked by the "Great wall of China" So you'll have to reroute through another IP one that is not blocked, although i understand they update blocked list everyday.

Carey Ma said:

Hey Miguel, I'm disappointed to report that the embedded video does not work here and have to ask you to send it to me.


I had the privilege to be a staff member of New Alchemy Institute.  John and Nancy had left NAI when I got there but I did get the meet them at a lecture at WHOI.  They are truly the the one of a few. The founders and pioneers of planetary healing. I was lucky enough to work with Earle and Hilde Barnhart who now live in the Bioshelter NAI Ark.  I have posted several links to NAI ARK documents here.  I also have posted some information about the work we did with Solar Aquaculture.  Now called Aquaponics.  These are truly the "crazy ones"  Take a close look at his Ecological Design Mandala. High res link here.  I am now once again on the path with my new endeavor 


Thanks for posting that pic Cosmo. I invite everybody to study it closely. Permaculture and aquaponics people are a rag tag bunch of doers, inventors and intellectuals making a difference on the ground. It is awesome to see the well spring of ideas that are emerging here, but it is just as interesting to visit the works of the great pioneers.


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