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Hi All,

We have decided to change the formulation of the USDA Certified Organic fish food. We are making it even better! Some people had objections to fish meal and soy. We took out the fish meal and soy then we added more ingredients such as Organic Canola and Organic Sesame seeds. We will be introducing the new blend soon!

Any questions? Post soon.

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If the fish meal is from a sustainable source, what is the reason for not using it? 

Is the protein from a vegetable source as good as protein from fish and will it appeal to the same fish as the feed with fish protein?

Good questions! Yes, the fish meal is from the oldest sustainable fishery. Caught from pristine waters off the pacific coast of Panama. The reason they won't let us use it any more is because the fish meal has to have a preservative so it wont go bad. The USDA organic materials list was allowing a product called Naturox, a natural tocopherol which is a preservative used on fish meal. It is basically Rosemary oil extract then coated with a vegetable soy latex that acts as a skin to keep air out. The problem is that the companies that make the soy latex do not guarantee the soy is USDA certified organic. In USDA organic food production it has to be 95% USDA organic ingredient, so there is a 5% allotment for non organic ingredients. They just feel that there are too many loop holes to keep it at 95% so they closed this door.

The amino acid protein profile of the fish meal is awesome and hard to duplicate...however... we have an incredible amount of knowledge in how to achieve an even better amino acid protein profile by combining different vegetables and seed. The fish recognize the food for its nutritional value more than taste so they will eat food that is good for them.

We will always use super high quality ingredients with no byproducts that would cloud your water.

Hope this answered your questions, if anyone else has a question...let er rip!



Where can you buy this? What's the shelf life?

If kept cool and dry the shelf life is one year.


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