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I'm planning on going solar. I understand the basic components I'll need: solar panel(s), charge controller, battery, wire, inverter. This will be out in a field and wanted to know if anyone has any recomendations for putting the components in a weather proof enclosure.


I'm thinking everything but the solar panel would be put into some enclosure and protected somehow from wind, rain, ants, bugs, etc... yet provide good ventilation for the battery and be safe in general.


I've seen some metal boxes that look good, but not sure a battery would fit in them and be adequately ventilated. Also seen some diy wood enclsures but have doubts they would be safe and weather proof enough.

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I know something suitable is out there for you to use but if you don't find something, build it. 

What i'm finding online is quite expensive. I'll probably build it as you suggest. thanks

Take a look at AGM batteries - no need to ventilate - no maintenance.  I just installed my panels and went with a 79 AH AGM.  Already I regret not buying the 105 AH - will probably use another 79 in parallel. 


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