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I was thinking of experimenting with a heron fountain, and making it aquaponic of course. I think it would be ideal for a small system, but I have no idea just how long it would run. This first one I would like to try to build would be out of cheap ass buckets, bought from home depot.

for those who don't know what a heron fountain is, like me when I woke up this morning, here's the guist:

the shallow tray drains into the lower, airtight container, which forces the air to move into the next airtight container, which forces the water in that container to empty out into the shallow tray. Invented by the romans in the first century,  The thing stops when the water in the second container runs out, and can be restarted when the water in the lower container is emptied. (or the airtight containers are switched in their positions) potentially, it can run for a few hours, which would be ideal for offgrid aquaponic purposes, imo.

Some adjustments would be needed to make it aquapoinic, obviously. I would move the drain hole of the tray to a set height, and keep fish in it, for one thing...

any thoughts?

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So have you got this to work with buckets? 


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