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Hi I am new and just researching my systems before I put them in. I plan on eventually having at least one large greenhouse full of aquaponics. I Live in Virginia and where as it doesn’t get too cold for too long there is half the year where I would have to heat my tank if I uses tilapia. I have been watching video’s where people used compost to heat their greenhouses when it is cold. I saw one video where a off the grid researcher used a hose coiled up in his mulch to create hot water for his shower.  He changed the mulch out whenever is cooled down.  Since I also plan on vermiculture this is an intriguing idea to me.  You could heat  you r green house and have a hot water source for your tanks at the same time.  Save a lot on power.  Does anyone have any input?


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I had a buddy use compost to heat his hot water for showers. Compost can get hot, for sure, but it needs to be turned regularly, and managed. It's probably better than a gym membership.

That ok I can cancle my gym mebership lol

as another member pointed out, you'll bring a lot of bugs into the greenhouse, along with the compost.

I am now looking at a woodstove wate heater since I have a moster woodpile

Has anybody tried a solar air heater for greenhouse heating? Or solar water heater for tank and beds
You might want to take a a look at this YouTube video.


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