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Hello everyone!

I am currently a student at Edmonds College and have a major passion for Aquaponics and plan on building my own aquaponics farm one day. Does anyone here give tours of their aquaponics systems/farms, offer classes, internships, volunteer work in WA? Or know of any schools, programs, or other people who offer these things? I would love to set something up for when everything calms down in the world and its safe to go out. I'm having a little trouble finding and connecting to others in the field and would love to gain as much knowledge and experience as I possibly can! Any information on aquaponics is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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Hi, Devon.

I'm sure there's a few personal projects around Seattle, but the only (commercial?) aquaponics facility or setup of which I'm aware is north, near Bellingham.

There used to be a farm out in Puyallup that worked with YWAM;

"The FoodMachine located at YWAM Puyallup is in a 5,000 square foot greenhouse. A wide variety of crops will be grown at this FoodMachine location and sold into the local market. This will also serve as one of the primary training sites for both the local and international community.
The Puyallup FoodMachine is a collaborative effort between the FoodMachine Foundation and New Beginnings Home.


Hope this helps,



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