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I love the postings in the PNW section but have not found much on the problems I might face on the eastern side of the mountains. As in simi-arid region of the Yakima valley.

Since I hate reinventing the wheel I am hopeing to glean knowledge from the experience of those who have gone before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you should look to things happening in the midwest. Your weather is hotter and colder than anything on the west side of the mountains. Have you looked into "the plant"? You will require heat to over winter. Or you stop and start your system each year. But my feeling is that a system like you have/want has more to do with the great plains. Did you see the post that I submitted on the re-circulating farms coalition? They are a group out of New Orleans and they have a list of all aquaponic "farms". You can do some research there. Good Luck........

Thank you and yes I say your post. I have book marked the site and reading through their info.


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