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NETWORKING NEEDED! I'm just starting in AP and I'm so excited I can't sleep!

Hello to all,

I'm Jeff and I intend to bring awareness of AP to the masses in an effort influence people to re-think the way they live their lives. I want to wake them from the dream of entitlement. I want to guide them away from senseless diets and poisonous Rx's back to true health and nature. I want to ignight their smoldering desire for self-sufficiency. I want to help them overcome their denial of the immaturity of their unsustainable lifestyles. I want to persuade people to invest in renewable energy. I want to learn from the AP pioneers and help progress the latest R & D. I want to help all of you change this world so we can live in harmony.

But first, I need to get my feet wet... or hands rather ;-)

I'm visiting Richard Stillwagon tomorrow and getting plans together to start my first AP set-up next week. My wife and I plan to buy acreage near Leavenworth, Wa next year and homestead. We plan to eventually live semi-off-grid and make a living in the AP industry somehow, and act as an example for future generations.

Any introductions/advice/warnings/encouragement is welcomed!

Quick background: I'm 37, live in Tacoma, newlywed and first baby due end of Dec. Degree in Industrial Design, Fitness Trainer/Wellness Coach for 12 yrs, ran a successful Sunroom dealership for Lindal, and now manage a fitness store for Precor. I was born a salesman (the good kind).

Thank you in advance for your replies.
Jeff Bergerson

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Greetings Jeff, 

Welcome to the world of Ap!  We need more people such as yourself getting the good word out. I really like the Leavenworth area.  Very rugged and beautiful!  I really enjoy attending all the festivals in Leavenworth (did that with a highschool German Club).  Fought forest fires up that way too, later as an adult- and enjoyed it after the fires were out ...I mean the areas not in ashes.

   Since you are going to Rick Stillwagon's place:

   Rick's new pellet stove in his greenhouse design has been one thing I am considering for our greenhouse and for our home. We live in the Cascade Mtns and I had a narrowly successful year with the greenhouse this past winter.  You'll need to consider heat source that is practical for you if you want to operate AP year-round in the Leavenworth area. If Leavenworth utilities are like our area, the electricity is not something you want to depend on during the winter for heat. And the pellet stove is perfect for off-grid living. A regular wood stove will work, but you have to stoke it right to get through the night.  I know. A wood burning stove is the only source of heat we have. Not so bad in the house, but not so fun to trek outdoors to check to see that the greenhouse is not getting cold, or to stoke a woodstove, if there is 2-4 feet (or more) of snow on the ground and it is windy and more snow coming down.  The Rick's pellet stove sounds like a great answer. Now I just have to get those money plants growing in the greenhouse so I can buy one. advice to you is to really get as much info as you can from your visit with Rick, and really ask alot about the new pellet stove he is promoting.  It sounds like a good match for your upcoming place. 


- Converse


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