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Hey all,

The nitrates have appeared, Ive got plants started, ive got a working loop siphon and a working auto siphon, Ive done a fair amount of research on stocking density: now Ive got one last question; is there a way to account for the recommended stocking density when you are introducing fry or fingerlings?

Saw something on the Bright Agrotech site that mentioned you introduce the exact same amount of fish, feed them more as they will want to eat a higher percentage of their body weight anyways, and let em grow. As they grow they will start to meet that 1 lb fish per 8-10 gallons of water, and satisfy the feed conversion ratio that would be required for your plants to be healthy.

Tried to dig through SRAC, came up empty handed, other than some great articles on specific fish types.

In any case, itd be great to hear what yall think and to be pointed in the direction of some resources.



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