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Hey All,

So its been a minute but I have finally been able to pull together some dimensions.

The bell siphon is -11 1/8 in (1-1/2" id)

The standpipe - 8.5 in (3/4" id)
Media guard - 13 in (4" id)
The drop from the bottom of the bed to the 90 is 6-1/4".  
Ill have to check back to find out what the run is to the 45 on the end.
Although Lloyd I am intrigued; if I have plants in does the seaweed "cycle" better?  I do have 9 shubunkin, about 2" in length waiting in a quarantine tank of sorts.  I know it happens, but I dont want them to die!  
Also, Jim, what is a vent or trap?  I have an idea of both from my small experience with plumbing but I cant make the connection to AP.  I havent picked up the plumbing 101 guide yet but am excited by any excuse to go to Lowes.
Lloyd, why the reduction from 1-1/2" to 1" in the drain?  Also, are you draining into the 3" as a sort of gutter and so you can add the press screens for added aeration or is there something else goin on there that I missed?
Thanks again for all the suggestions; I will have to get out and get some ammonia when Im back in town, and I will be sure to read the label so that I get pure ammonia.  

Here are some pictures!

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also, one more picture! actually, two more!  by the way, that aerator didnt stay on top of the bed past taking the picture...  Also, all pipes are 3/4" except for what comes out of the actual fish tank.  If memory serves, the fish tank is fitted with a 2" SLO that goes out through a bulkhead and then hits a 2" 90 that changes into a 2"-3/4" reducer.  

One problem I have been having is that as I adjust the ball valves to try and get the siphons to kick on or off, suddenly the fish tank will be overflowing and I have to scramble with a bucket.  As much as I need the cardio I dont think this is how this is supposed to work.  A friend recommended capping the original spot, then dropping it down a bit?  Id have to maneuver the grow beds too, but does anyone have thoughts on that?

Lastly, after adding a third picture, do you think at all that the teeth of the bell arent deep enough?  I had pretty much this exact set up earlier in the year so Im hesitant to go a bit deeper.  Anyways, thanks again everyone!




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