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Hello everyone,

Anyone grow something unusual/not traditional in their AP set ups?  As in, "Wow! I can't believe that actually grew!" What have you grown and what type of set up was it in?  (Personally, I'm interested in lemon grass, ginger and rhubarb in my grow beds and maybe a patio sized citrus tree or two.) (You know, something fun to mix in the usual veggie assortment).  Below is a borrowed pic from Affnan's AP showing his lemongrass. 

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Chelsea.. I have successfully grown Chinese yellow ginger and Hawaiian white ginger in my test systems.. My carrots.. beets.. and onions grew well too.. My test bed is a 12 inch deep media bed of Hydroton.. T5 high output grow lights on 16 hours per day (I also have residual sunlight).. Giant goldfish (no additives..chelated iron.. seaweed.. etc).. Flood and drain five times per day for three minute cycles (also ran pumps five and six times per day at four minute cycles).. My ginger plants grew 3 - 3.5 feet tall (pushed my lights out of the way).. The roots/rhizome at that time where roughly 10 inches log and 8 inches wide.. They grew very fast in this minimal setup.. Next setup will include some organic additives (chelated iron.. seaweed) to fish water and induction lighting and maybe experiment with different media.. Ginger and roots are in the rectangular/hydroton grow bed in photos.. I have more photos I can post later..              


Wow! It looks great! How long would you say it took for the ginger root/rhizome to get that big? I know it can take the better part of a year if grown in the ground. Good job!


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