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I was just curious if there were any groups local to Bloomington or Indianapolis, IN area.  If so I'd like to know.  Working on my first system and would like to share/learn.  Thanks for any info anyone can offer.

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I just read Sylvia's book and am also in the early stages, I live north of Spencer, IN.  Considering starting with a small basement "lab" system to learn the basics then next year moving to a greenhouse.  Would love to compare notes.

John - What would you like to know?  I am still tweaking system, I hope to begin cycling in a couple weeks.

Roger - I posted a discussion with a diagram.  Just any tips would be helpful, we have obtained 3 IBC containers, do you have any suggestions for lighting in a basement based system?   Would love if you replied on the discussion, it's in the Aquaponics discusisons area...

John - I myself am growing in a basement.  Unfortunately I was unable to fit IBC totes down in my basement due to a standard size door.  However, regarding lighting I can offer a few suggestions.  There are two options I prefer.  Either T5 fluorescent fixtures or HID lighting.  T5s are great, more energy efficient, less heat and I've used them to to produce both peppers, tomatoes, greens and herbs.  HIDs (high intensity discharge), similar to what you see in commercial parking lots produce a much brighter light capable of providing many thousands of more lumens to plants.  Disadvantages - heat, cost is usually around $400 dollars  (400w system = 3x3 area covered, 600w system = 4x4, 1000w system 6x6), need for ventilation b/c of heat.  Advantages - greater yield/plant.

I have both types of lighting and like both of them.  You just need to decide on your budget and area you need to light.  Give me you dimension of grow area and I'll be able to help you a little more.

Exactly what area are you posting these same questions?  I don't mind joining the feed if it's easier for you.


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