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hey guys does anybody know where i can get fingerling blue tilapia locally here in michigan. i live in farmington. i tried  ken at aquagrowers in livonia he did not have any. found a place out of state but too much for shipping. any help appreciated.



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I have blue Tilapia (I think). Never confirmed it. I'm in Garden City.


Your profile says you're in Fla.  Are you living in Mi. now?

 Ditto here, I am looking for a source for fingerlings, a couple of dozen, will keep a couple pairs inside for some more fingerlings, I have several big aquariums inside. So will winter some broodstock.  Looking for Blues, and any other good aquaponic strain. Cant afford the Sikes stuff.

Email me at

I have some in the Grand Rapids area if you get out this way. 

I found this site that I was thinking of ordering some from ,

There are any number of sources, shipping finesse is the big thing.

Yaacov We chatted last year. I still have Tilapia if you need them in Garden City.

I dont know of a source here in MI, but here is one not so far away and they have Blues besides the others. So maybe you can become THE source for Blues in MI .

Good luck.

Hi Jeff, I missed your reply before I did.

Contact this guy.


Hi John

I saw no one had responded to this, so have one for you to check out. I havent bought from them yet, but intend to, I have emailed back and forth with them.

Check them out. I would rather buy from someone a  ouple states away who knows how to ship then from someone down the road who doesnt have a clue.  Good luck.

Nice site. Lots of options. I would go with an inch or larger. Keep in mind it will be hard to justify the cost long term unless you start breeding them and that's easy to do. A 1 pound fish only yields less than 1/2 pound of meat and you don't get a 1 to 1 ratio on food to fish weight. 

Larger is hardier, they have larger food holding capability and can withstand shipping better. Even 1" is pushing it if they lay over.  I can tell better after an order and will surely post here how it turns out.  I plan to get an order next week.


I will have  some this fall, cant help you before then.


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