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I've been chatting with Gene in the background about him starting a new system and thought it would be more beneficial if we bring the conversation to the group for more input. So all of you Michigan Aquapons that have been hibernating invite your friends and let's get this group going.

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You might be overcomplicating things. You have to have running water and/or an air pump at all times depending on your stocking level. If you have power outages you'll need a back up system for those events. I wouldn't waste any effort on solar as we don't get enough sun here in Mi. to support it economically. Maybe just some batteries with a trickle charger would do.

For some reason YouTube wouldn't let me open either link.

I got into Aquaponics because I didn't like the idea of being on my hands and knees in the dirt. Now after 2 years I have 3 wicking beds, started a perennial garden, and have a 3x16 raised bed. Now I have to grow enough seedlings to stock all these and my aquaponics setup. Can't get a handle on when I can plant outside here.

Kinda time for some activity isnt it ?

For tomatoes and such I set plants out, with cover from Mid May, but I am in northern MI, Saginaw and area is in a warmer temp zone. Seeded stuff a week or so earlier, but chard and similar by May 1rst.

Just finished my outside garden (for the most part) yesterday.


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