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I'm a big fan of Hydroton, although I know it is crazy expensive...but you will have it forever.  Lightweight and easy on my hands.  Even looks nice.  Ok, I know I'm sounding like a girl here.


What do you use and why?  And if you use gravel, what size and tell us about your source.

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I have made several attempts to find more information about hydrocorn, but I keep bumpted to hydroton.

can you give me a site with more info?

Here is the product sheet for Hydrocorn...side note the odd shape and sizes is what they advertise as a feature of the product.  My complaint was some of it goes right through media guards and clogs pipes.  Needed to redo media guards to accomadate the media.

or go to and click on the Additional Information Tab.

Here is their corporate website

Dave Story said:

I have made several attempts to find more information about hydrocorn, but I keep bumpted to hydroton.

can you give me a site with more info?

I am using expanded shale right now, but have recently ran into some drainage issues. The one inch pvc inlet/outlet on each growbed has become hopelessly clogged with roots (i.e. the pump cannot move water in or out. I am in the process of replacing the one inch inlets with four inch (I use uniseals for my connections), and I have also decided to replace the bottom few inches of media with lava rocks. I believe the larger size will help keep more openings for water to come in and air to be pulled down while draining. Has anyone else out there used lava rocks specifically to aid in drainage, and if so does it work?

Hey Adam, My 2 cents. In my IBC GBs I use 4" gravel guards with slits cut on the chop saw half way up and I rotate them about once a month which cuts the roots off. 6 months in I have cut off quite a few roots and so far have zero problems. Saw it on a YouTube vid. Forget which one.

Just read through this thread. Been looking for this type of info. Saw your media video Sylvia. I just wanted to post to reactivate this thread for others. I have 7" of growstones in my GB and after about a year I'm going to add at least 2" of expanded clay to the top for ease of planting and I've had good success starting seeds in smaller beds with expanded clay.

I use mostly hydroton and in a couple of beds I use red lava for the bottom 1/3. My system has been up for 2 full years and consists of 4/ea  4' x 4' x 16" media beds and 2/ea 4' x 4' x 16" raft beds. I suspect I could get at least 10 years service out of the media,just a guess. 

Hello, As the aquaponic system is not developed in my country yet it is a little bit difficult to find the products I need to start an aquaponic system. I would like to know what characteristics so I can replace the media/grava or find what we have available here. Thanks! 

I will suggest you go to a hydroponic store to see what is available in your area. I do not like to use plain rocks, because of the weight and difficulty digging into the stones.


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