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Just starting out, the biggest problem was finding out where to buy the parts needed to construct an aquaponics system on Maui.  Of course, ordering online is always an option, but the shipping cost will always be excessively high, although some vendors will offer free shipping for large orders.  The best bet would be to find a supplier on Maui that will sell their goods FOB.


If you know of a better supplier, or one that is not listed, please add them to this list as a Reply.  Mahalo.

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I found vermiculite at Lowe's.
Thanks for the input Rebecca.


Contact Larry Yonashiro at 344-9756

300 Gallon Fish Tank w/ Cover

This is a post for Tracy Stice:

From is email:

"I can get some of the 300 gallon, closed type tanks that are good for fish.  I keep my small fish in one now for pickup.  I have a few that I will sell for $300 that are cleaned out and ready to go if you know anybody who wants one. They have a plumbed in bottom valve and an 8 inch port on the top. I just saw 3/4 of the top and fold it back to open and close it. It keep the fish from jumping out and I plumbed in an overflow that just runs the water back in to my pond."

Tracy can be contacted at 281-5411.

Not from Maui and a bit pricey, but this inverter with GFI outlets and external 12v dc input will handle 1800 watts and could make a safe backup power system.systematic
Just went to get a small load of cinders from Hawaiian Cement's yard and they stopped all small loads and referred me to Kihei Gardens & Landscaping. Unfortunately they will only sell backhoe loads at minimum $112 a load. :-q
I was getting my truck loaded for about $30 the last 2 times I went to Hawaiian Cement.
So anyone know of a legal option? Jeez, never even paid for cinder growing up and now it's like gold. Just hate paying almost $10 a small bag at the store.

Hi Jim.  Yeah, after Hawaiian Cement stopped selling to small trucks, I started buying my cinder from Kihei Gardens & Landscaping also.  Hawaiian Cement will only sell by the dump truck load to trucks with 19,000 GVW or higher, like a Ford F550, or another small dump truck.

Kihei Gardens & Landscaping sells by the 1 cubic yard bucket, or 27 cubic feet (although I don't think I get that much per load) for $112.  Assuming that 27 cubic feet is correct, that's about $4.15 per cubic foot, which is still better than Hawaii Grower Products which sells it for $6.84 per 0.75 cubic foot bag, or $6.39 per bag for a 60 bag pallet.  Although if you only need a few bags, HGP is a good choice.

Remember the days in the '50's or '60's when we could go to the beach after an eruption on the Big Island, and scoop it out by the truckloads?

ALOHA to all the aquapons on Maui.

This is Raychel from Happyponics and the Aquaponics Association over here in Waianae on Oahu.  I don't know if you are intrested but I found a place on Oahu where we can get all the IBC's we need for $60.00 each.  They are down in Kapolei.  A person on Kauai bought 120 and had them shipped.  Kirsten and I covereted this guy to an Aquapon after talking to him for a short while.  If anyone is interested just send a reply here and I wwill give the telephone #.


Home Depot is selling cinders for $4.48 per 0.75 cubic foot.

Ohana Greenhouse and Garden supply stocks most everything needed.  They have moved to the below address.  Their phone number is 808-871-6393.


OhanaGreenhouse and Garden Supply

320 Hoohana St. #13-16

Kahului HI 96732
Rebecca B said:

Coir can also be purchased at:

Eco-Island Supply
810 HAIKU RD #394 HAIKU, HI 96708
PHONE: 808.575.9171
HOURS: M-F 10-6, SAT 10-4


Ohana Greenhouse & Garden Supply
300 Hukilike St #2QKahului, HI 96732-2981
(808) 871-6393

810 Haiku Road #107
Haiku, HI 96708-4803
(808) 575-9999



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