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I have been experimenting with solar lights to help feed the fish at night.  Has anyone else been doing this?  So far it seems to be working.  My wife has been putting pictures of my set up on her web site.  She has it all stored in the "Man Cave".  I would love to hear some comments...


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I'm not growing any but that doesn't mean that there aren't night blooming plants around.

If you want to feed raw bugs rather than cooked you might try a pl bulb over a small kitchen vent fan at night and the bugs will be alive. My Trout told me they would prefer them raw

They also enjoy the fight more. There ain't much bug left after that whacking/sparking sound.

I also installed a photo cell right in the cover of my zapper and when the 25.00 bulb blew I changed the bulb socket so I could use a standard PL bulb. It now lights the flag at night while it saves my cabbage family from the cab. worms. Win, win! This Sum I will make the fan model and report back. I have seen commercial models but pretty pricey for this cheap Yank/Redneck.

TCLynx said:

not so much that they need feeding at night  but at night is when you can get free natural feed by knocking bugs into the water at night.

I hang a bug zapper over some of my tanks.


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