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Good day!

I stumbled onto this article about using composted rice straw as a suplemental protien source I don't recall seeing this discussed anywhere on here before so interested to know if anyone has heard of it before or has tried it and with what results?

Can't say I understand the biology behind it but seemed pretty cool to me.

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That is the great thing about Tilapia.  They will eat just about anything.  I found that they love algae, duckweed, and anything I threw in the tank that was plant based.  It is important to find low cost, non-fishmeal based foods.  Otherwise it really isnt a sustainable system. Very interesting.

You indicate that they will eat anything and I have heard this before. However, I do not have the same experience. Fish food, duck weed and worms get eaten quickly but veggies or other bugs seem to be ignored.


I would love to hear what others are feeding their Tilapia.


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