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Hello All.  I have a large pond covered in duckweed.  I have a 3" trash pump that I am going to use to pump out the duckweed onto the bank of the pond.  I am going to have a mountain of this stuff.  I am going to use a portion of it in compost to amend some raised beds with but I would like to do something with the remaining duckweed other than letting it compost on the side of the pond.

Anyone have any experience making storable feed out of duckweed?  I literally will have tons of it.

TIA for any suggestions.

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i know this is an old discussion but in case anyone sees it let me add to the pellet idea:  pelletizing would work great for animal feed, but for fish that are not bottom feeders, you need an extruder.  pellets are heavy and will sink fast.  fish feed is extruded which is a process that puffs up the feed pellet a bit with steam and allows it to float.  if you know of a used extruder for sale i would love to hear of it, they are much more expensive than pelletizers

Stuart Polkinghorne said:

If you know or can find someone with a feed pellet machine (wood pellet machine) you could put though that and have feed pellets for later use.?? There are many different kinds just find one that can make the size pellets you want, you may even be able to find some where that rent them?


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