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Hello Aquapreneurs,


I've recently been contemplating the Roly Poly aka pill bug aka potato bug aka woodlouse aka Armadillidiidae.


It trurns out that the little crawly bug that rolls into a ball when disturbed is not a bug at all.  Instead of insect, they are Crustacean. And that sounds like maybe a good entree to add to our fish friends' menu.

it looks like they would be a good addition to the Aquapoinc biodiversity, help cultivate any solids and even reduce toxins like ammonia and copper etc.They seem to get along well with others. Worms etc.


Does anyone know more or has anyone given them similar thought? Biggest question I have is how would fish take to them live or maybe minced in with other feed.


Thoughts, comments, suggestions would sure be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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Grab a hand full next time you move a log or a flower pot and throw them in to your fish to see what they think.

It may take a few times before they get the idea.

Ok, I willl. Thanks

Hello Glenn,


My thoughts on this are: try tossing a few into the tank and let the fish try them?, and do they naturally eat crustaceans?.

I recently learned that feeding corn to tilapia removes the difference between fish and beef (&other red meats), and negates the health benefit of the tilapia. Some such change may be possible, if that kind of thing matters to you. On the other hand it might just take the flavour over the top!

                                                                          Best of luck,



So stop feeding the corn/soy/grain to the cows and you won't have to feed so much antibiotics to them either and the beef will taste like real beef and it will be healthier for us to eat too.  And yes the fish feed full of the corn/soy also does make the farmed fish less beneficial on the omega 3 ratings.


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