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A fish looks pregnant

Started by Christopher Brickey. Last reply by Christopher Brickey Jun 3, 2013. 2 Replies

Yes I know that koi do not get pregnant, but it sure looks it. Does that mean she is full of eggs? What should I do? Continue

Slightly Acid Tanks

Started by Phil Slaton Nov 30, 2012. 0 Replies

I have a couple Koi tanks that are running higher acid readings.  Their Ph readings are about 6.8.  I do not recall the mix ratio for adding baking soda to gallons of water in order to move the Ph…Continue

Opinions on Salt

Started by Phil Slaton Sep 20, 2012. 0 Replies

I have been seeing more and published on the benefits of adding salt to grow tanks. I raise Koi, Trout and Catfish. What is the opinion out there in our Aquaculture world, should salt be added to the…Continue

Israeli Carp

Started by Steve Austin Feb 29, 2012. 0 Replies

Does any one know where I can buy Israeli Carp Fingerlings in the US?Continue

Tags: Israeli, Carp

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Comment by Sahib Punjabi on October 23, 2010 at 9:36am
Hello Christian,
I think that Sylvia makes an excellent point. I have kept Koi for over ten years and have found the following book very helpful "Koi for Dummies" by R.D. Bartlett & Patricia Bartlett. Well worth the investment :-)
Here is an extract related to your first part of the question (as far as keeping them together, I do believe that there is a person keeping such in an aquaponic system in then becomes hard to select between pets & eating fish)

"Do You Have the Space It Takes?
You have two basic considerations to bear in mind when deciding how much space you’ll allot to your koi. The first and most obvious point is the actual size of the fish and the swimming room that they need. The second point is less apparent but just as important. Koi have hearty appetites and produce huge amounts of nitrogenous wastes. An appropriately large volume of water dilutes ammonia and other toxic substances so they’re less harmful to the fish and less burdensome on your filtration system.
Calculating a koi’s fin-flippin’ space
Several long-tested formulas can help you figure out how many koi fit in your pond or aquarium, and they all work off the simple concept that bigger fish need more space than smaller fish. The formulas give different answers, so for the sake of not driving you crazy, take the middle road. As if you haven’t noticed, koi-keeping isn’t an exact science; it’s science mixed with art.
Crowded koi have less margin of safety than uncrowded koi. Figure 1
⁄2 inches of fish per square foot of surface area. To avoid crowding your fish and allow for growth, stock your pond well below the upper limits of the formula. For example, in a 6-x-9-foot pond, the formula allows 81 inches of koi or ten 8-inch koi..."

....Size of Inches of Koi in a pond with surface area of 6 x 9 feet:
at 1.5” (per sq. ft. of pond surface area), 81 Koi,
at 8" 10, at 10" 8 and at 12" 7 Koi
Comment by Sylvia Bernstein on October 23, 2010 at 8:52am
Christian, I would imagine the rules of thumb would be about the same since to my knowledge we usually aren't modifying stocking density by species. I'd go with about 1 per 5 gallons of water, or if your bio-filter is very mature you can move that up to 1 pound per 5 gallons of water, but it is generally better to understock than overstock..
Comment by Christian James on October 22, 2010 at 3:19pm
What stocking density works well with koi compared to tilapia? a lot less or nearly the same? And has anyone grown them with tilapia in the same tank?
Comment by Sahib Punjabi on October 11, 2010 at 6:59pm
Hello Peter,
I purchased my 200 good quality Koi (2 to 3 inches breed in Florida from one of the best Koi farms in Florida :- Blackwater Koi ( ). I explained what I wanted them for and they agreed to sell them to me as a non-dealer. I paid $1.75 each, thus $350.00 or so and I believe shipping was $35 or $50.
Yes a lot more expensive than the Channel Catfish (100 for $30.00), but you know, given that I love keeping Koi, I may just use them exclusively in the future...after all, who knows, I may strike "Gold" with some of them if I am to believe the prices what some of them sell for :-)
Comment by Growitright Aquaponics on September 14, 2010 at 2:10am's the link
Comment by Growitright Aquaponics on September 14, 2010 at 2:03am
Do you know of ? They are located in your area and are a great resource.
Comment by Gus Cabrera on September 8, 2010 at 8:04pm
I've just started to research the possibility of growing koi in my AP system. I have talked to an individual in Lumberton, Mississippi who sells fingerlings and is a knowledgeable source on koi and other fish. I hope to visit him possibly in the next couple of weeks and will report my findings. I can tell you that he charges $30.00 per pound of koi fingerlings and he informs me that depending on size, you can get about 30 fingerlings. It's good and fun to be a part of this group.
Comment by Growitright Aquaponics on September 4, 2010 at 2:48pm
I have been experimenting with Koi for the first time. I love them. They are incredibly beautiful fish. They do however, have a reputation for disease and parasites. So far, the couple I have are doing great. They are in their own tank.

I am wondering...who is currently using Koi in their system? Is their anything special you should use at start-up to you keep your fish healthy that will not eliminate the beneficial bacteria already present in the tank?
Comment by Sahib Punjabi on August 14, 2010 at 8:15pm
200 good quality Koi (2 to 3 inches) arrived on Thursday August 12th. 2010. I have posted a photo after one day...coming up to eat from hand :-)
Comment by Emma Lysyk on March 7, 2010 at 12:56pm
Awh, hehe. Yeah, it would be different if I had a pond, or bought them with the intention of eating their offspring later, or had a friend who didn't mind killing the fish for me. As it is, I see and observe every one of them and all their quirks and personalities.

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