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I have read most of the posts in this group and want to sort of pull all the information together. I have 8 virgin IBC's sitting on my lawn. As soon as the weather clears, I plan to cut, support and plumb them into 16 growbeds.

1. First of all is what tool have you found to be the easiest and most economical to cut the plastic with the best results? I am a big fan of Harbor Freight as I am a DIY user and do not need a tool to make my living and last forever..

2. Support of the bottom half is a no-brainer. It already has a pallet that will simply need to be elevated to proper height for drainage and to be able to work underneath.

The top half though does not have it's own support so I figure to use 4X4's in the front and back and 2X4 supports  the other direction. my question is how many 2X4's are needed for the long term. I've seen aquariums placed on stands that held the weight at first only to warp and shift over time. i know plastic is alot more forgiving than glass but I still want to build this to last.

3. I read the discussion on how different people cut the cage with either the tubes sticking up and then filed or cut off. I'd already thought of using at least a few of those as trellis supports but also to use them as a support for a cold frame...

By simply taking a 1/2 inch piece of pvc and sticking it over one of the pieces and then arching it over the bed to the other side, you have a support to either put shade cloth during the summer or plastic for a cold frame during the winter..The cold frame idea makes an automatic water heater.

I live in north Louisiana and while it does not get nearly as cold as alot of you experience, my beds are going to be on my patio deck and totally exposed.

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The FTs I do in a cascade for good crap flow and it is easy to match up 330's and 275's by leaving the pallet off of the 330s and just putting down some decking under the taller 330s. Under those babies (about 2400 lbs filled to fish height) I use 6 planks running fr to rear with again a wider spacing in the middle for the valve valley. Works great. I have 3 275s and 2 330s but at a glance they all look the same doing it that way. Now that I think of it you are using a pool. Never mind, but someone else might be helped: BTW that whole cribbing cost under 20.00 at Lowes if you wait for a sale.

Of course I'd promise!!!  But if somebody offered me some obscene amount of money to divulge the info, I'd sell out.... and cut you in for 1/2....

Well then consider yourself my first "proof reader". I'll send it to your email address later. Still rough and will be another 3 or 4 months finishing up as it will take me that long getting the GH and AP system "ready for prime time" Also no videos yet but those will be added for cutting gravel guards, etc. I work on it in spurts as most days I can't even stand to look at it.

Got to be in the mood.

I would love to be the "second" proof reader if you can send me the info also.thanks

Yeah, me too, Jim. I'll trade you for my Gasifier plans. Well not really...I'll give you my gasifier plans anyway.

Hey Paul and Jon, Soon guys,

I have to do an email 3 part version as I am already double what either of my email accounts will accept. Or I may upload it somewhere if I can remember where I have room. Having trouble with my Mac "Magsafe" power plug so my compute time is limited (actually kind of enjoying the time limit) until I tear this thing apart and do a component level repair. Damned if I will replace the entire power/audio/usb board. Later models have a separate board of course 10.00 vs 100.00.

Back on topic, (sort of), anyone have a good method of flushing (sanitizing) GB gravel before replanting (probably should do the same with new gravel). Fungus knats and wh flies have been having a field day in the carrots and tomatoes and it is time to replant this particular IBC GB. Been flooding it and flushing but wondering about peroxide or something that will kill and then dissipate. My wife suggested vinegar. I will take it off line to do so as soon as we get a warm day again so I can run a hose.

Jim, try using google Drive, can be teamed with gmail to send up to 10gb files, totally free. I recently used it to send a 36 mb sketchup file, worked perfect.

Thanks Jon, I seem to have trouble with my G drive crashing. Could be a Mac thing. Haven't tried it recently. I'll give it a go and see if that works. Didn't know they did that. Worth launching it again. It is a 48.3mb pdf so far.

Het Jim. I used to date a phramacy tech. that filled IV bags used at Yale U. hospital for premature babies. Anyway, she would flush out the filling units with Coca Cola. She said that other dissinfectants like 13% chlorine solution were to strong, and could cause harm to a 3 pound baby. Coca Cola is a mild antibacterial agent, and approved by Yale, and the FDA!! I know it sounds bizzare, but it is acidic, water soluable, and I believe it also contains phosphoric acid, which your tomatoes will find yummy. We had a discussion on Sylvia's Udemy training site about disinfecting, and I wished I thought about throwing it in there. I was kicking the idea around myself for disinfecting nets, tanks, etc. Just an FYI, so take it for what its worth to you. I drink it, and am still kicking at 55!

Hey Matt, would that be regular Coke or diet

I would have to think regular Coke Jim. I would hate to think of what would happen if there were ever to be an accident involving Mentos candy!!

I'm thinking that sanitizing for something like an insect egg and bacteria are 2 different things. For bacteria I would use a peroxide, vinegar/salt, or even a dilute chlorox ( depending on the porblem) application and then rinse it really well.

For an insect infestation, I would simply flush the bed with water or salty water and then rinse well and let it sit a few days and then rinse with plain water again. i would think you would break the life cycle enough to at least reduce your problem..


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