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I went to feed my fish this morning and it seems my IBM has sprung a leak!  Anyone have experience with this.  It is lest than a year in service, I would not have expected a failure this soon.



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Hey Arthur, Nope. Have you determined where it is leaking? Pretty hard to do from here

Is it in the FT or GB? How big a leak? I doubt it is a failure of the IBC material. More likely a pipe joint (bulkhead adapter perhaps?) Look for wet spots. I really don't know what else to tell you.

Please describe the area of the leak.  Is it in the plastic sides or bottom, in the drain valve on the bottom of the FT, (the main drain valve) in the GB drain system?  Need to know where this leak is located to give a proper evaluation.

Can you point out any wet spots on here?: (Very neat looking job BTW. Well planned, cut, and executed. Nice!)

I'm not sure what would have caused the leak without more information. Brittle plastic from exposure to UV light maybe?

I had a leak in my stock tank that I repaired with a product called JB Water Weld which can be applied wet and is for potable water tanks. I applied it dry and waited for it to cure and had no problems with fish deaths. I picked it because one of the reviews was from an aquaponics guy who had used it under wet conditions and had no problems with fish death. It sets and cures quickly (wet or dry) and adheres to all sorts of surfaces. It might be perfect for repairing your IBC.

Jim Fisk said:

Can you point out any wet spots on here?: (Very neat looking job BTW. Well planned, cut, and executed. Nice!)The wet spot in on the back wall on the left corner in this photo.

It is in the FT and is not the main drain as I checked that first.  I haven't had time to do a detailed inspection, I just know it is leaking.  I was mainly looking for confirmation that the IBC material should not be failing.  Will post updates and pics when I get them.

Thanks everyone,


If it is a seepage you can stop it by using a product called SealAll. You can get it at most hardware stores. It's pretty cheap in a tube. Just put some on your finger and push it onto the leak. Then pit a layer of plastic epoxy on it. I just epoxied a tank this morning but it was empty. Only other option is to drain the tank and repair it provided it isn't a stress fracture. Good luck!

BTW this stuff works on leaking gas tanks too.

Just so ya know these babies are tough. This 330 spent the night like this because I forgot I was filling it to wash it. This one has been one of our trout tanks for 2 years since with no damage. Sun damage could be a factor in yours but let's assume the best and hope it is not structural. Sun damage is generally limited to the top anyway and I believe I saw the valve still on the FT half so your FT is made from the bottom and not the top?

I have 2 IBCs that sat outside empty for years and then I started using them last year for AP. They did seem a little brittle but so far I've been lucky. If it's not your GB then it looks like you could look under your FT just to see if there's a drip. If so you don't have many options but to drain it an inspect.

FWIW I am a bit concerned as to the support under the GB. Keep in mind that GB weighs about 900lbs when full of water and gravel and they will sag without enough support. I am hoping I simply cannot see it. I used PT Southern Yellow Pine decking planks but my GBs are not over my FTs so I am not concerned with the PT chems dripping in.

Let us know what you find and how much water you estimate you have lost. I am still betting on some fitting, etc. rather than the IBC itself. They are designed to take one hell of a beating during shipping and are used to haul some pretty nasty stuff that shippers do not want leaking.

Update for everyone and appreciate everyone helping out as much as they can.  The "leak" seems to have subsided as no more water appears to be coming out.  I believe the source was actually my fill tube going to the GB.  It seemed to have been moved ever so slightly to just have a little water hitting the edge and going over the side.  Since the discovery, no more water seems to be added to what is on the floor.  I had doubts that the tote was the culprit as well.  As everyone points out, these things are used to ship some pretty nasty stuff and don't leak by design.

My guess is I lost about 50 gallons of water.  It was so gradual though that no streams appeared on the floor or surroundings.  I don't think anything was damaged and the fish to seem to be ok from it all (they still seem to be hungry as ever).


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