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I found a clean and easier way to cut through the plastic IBC tote. I started using a Rockwell Sonicrafter, with the scissor attachment. It cut a nice clean edge with out any of the burrs, or dust you'd get from a reciprocating saw. It was easier to cut a straight edge too!

   Anybody have any other good fabricating ideas? Throw them on here....

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Hey Matt, sounds interesting. A picture would be worth a thousand words I have another brand that uses the same cutters but I don't recall...

I keep promising myself I will get a picture of the cutting process myself but before I know it it is done and I forgot again so I totally understand. I use a Rockwell high speed wood saw for the plastic which leaves so little fuzzies that a quick chase around the cut with the back of a blade cleans it right up. About 1 minute to cut and 30 sec to clean. The one time I used the same sawzall that I use for the cage it left so much heavy fuzz that I still haven't cleaned it all up. But that saw cuts the cage in about 1 minute flat (a little violent at times so hold on tight). I will try to get some pics. Great stuff for newbies looking for starter hints. Once you have done a couple it is no big deal.

One thing that is hard is when we make a living with our tools we tend to have high end stuff and it is hard to relate to what a home owner diy would be saddled with. I will say that if you are not making a living with your tools I gravitate to Harbor Freight tools. IE their 12" sliding arbor chop saw is fast becoming a favorite around the farm but I would hesitate to build houses with it all day long. On the other hand it has built a 16 x 28 barn, 16 x 24 greenhouse and cut 99% of my pvc pipe for the ap system and never let me down. It is a delight to use and about 1/3 the price of most other choices. The "laser" works great IF you are working in the dark Otherwise a great tool.

I see a few videos where people use a grinder to cut their totes but I have not tried it. It looks slow and just WRONG but each to their own. On the other hand a diy grinder costs about 12 - 15.00 so if you are only cutting one or two totes that's about as cheap as it gets. I use a Milwaukee 18v circular saw to cut 55 gal barrels around the center for salting tubs, planters, etc and it takes about 1 min flat and leaves a very clean cut. Would probably do the same on the tote but a miss step can get a little ugly and we want pretty gbs after all.

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