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I have noticed a lot of people cutting their IBC cages in such a way as to leave jagged posts sticking up and I can't understand why. I always cut mine so as to leave a nice rail on top. Ck out these pics and next time I am cutting one I will take pics or if I have the patience, a video.

This of course is the top. Now I'll find a cut view.

What I do here is cut the post just above the rail at an angle so it leaves a nice rail again. They end up at 2 ddifferent heights but that works out fine as I stagger them up and down and run the plumbing under and over every other rail. I have only used the round conduit cages for GBs so far and the square I use full size for FTs. This next pic shows the height difference between them:

Hope this helps if you are about to start that cut

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I pretty much cut my IBC's the way Jim did, then took a metal file and rounded off all the sharp metal, both on the insides (dia) and out sides of the IBC's pipe/cage where I had done any cutting. I did this so that my wife, some kid, or myself, do not potentially get cut one day. Don't see why anyone with the sticking up pieces couldn't just do the same? It doesn't really take that long (and I had 8 iBC's)...

Even though I left mine sticking up 3" (for inserting trellis rebar later) I also filed the outside and inside of every tube.

It was a pain...and time consuming. (Not unlike all the other work setting up the system involved!!!)  :-)

Thank you guys for getting back on topic. I almost didn't come back here. Hate it when that happens. I just like to hear what others are doing and offering any help I can to newbies. 4 more gbs to cut and I am done with all 10

i have 3 ibcs i cut in half for growbeds, a ft, and a sump, cut the cage in half as well.. only one half had a rail on top, so i just flipped the other half over so that the "posts" are on the bottom, and the rail on top..easy peasy


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