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I have the following IBC Tote setup (covered in another thread here) and I need to add another sump tank for additional water capacity and I've burned out 2 pumps now as I just quite dont have enough total sump capacity.

I started to dig another hole next to my existing sump to connect them via the 2" ball valve on the bottom.  I hit my septic tanks drain field and had to stop. Now Im stuck and need some help!

Is there a way to connect a new IBC tote to a sunken IBC tote and have them work together as 1 large sump? I am completely puzzled and stuck on this, I cant think of how it would work without having to add another pump to the system or re-plumb nearly everything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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Jeff - yes - you need a U-bend at each end of the water bridge to keep it from taking in an air bubble if one of the ends are exposed. It also makes filling it a lot easier as you don't need a high volume flow to get the air out.

Blake - a more correct term for the flow valve is probably a "ball valve" - the passive (non electrical) working on water troughs, toilet cisterns - although if you use the toilet one (at utility water pressure ~4bar?) you'll probably need to modify the entry hole in the valve to allow more flow at lower pressure of your two tank sump system. It's low maintenance - as long as your have some sort of filter/settling system keeping out the gwak. you can add structures in your sump to add in settling of fines.

My system is a bit exposed to leaves - so think of some sort of filter at the inlet of your water bridge - and the level switch for your pump is a great idea. You can rig the Normal Close (NC) to the pump control circuit, with the other contact Normal Open (NO) of the level switch to an alarm or such. 


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What have you done ? My suggestion would be two totes, side by side, connected at the bottom. With Bell Siphons to keep them level. Dont mess up your drain field.

Good luck,



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