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Reputable sellers of good quality seeds. I need to start some where to then trade later.

I know this page is about barter and trade of heirloom seeds but as I'm in the Dominican Republic it can be very tricky and sometime very illegal to bring in seeds from OS with out proper documents or from a certified sale point..

With this said I have interest in hard to find and more in the tropical acclimated plants for seed.

So if you will allow me I would like to find reputable sellers of good quality heirloom seeds so I can start my own seed stock to barter/trade and be able to help bring back these verities into the DR.

If you know of or have used a "reputable sellers" and would recommend them please let me know about where, what they have and how you would rate them.

Also if you have ones that you would stay clear of and not recommend that would help too..

I hope I have not over stepped the mark by starting this discussion in this group?

I just need quality heirloom seeds I can bring in without braking laws or to much hassle from customs....

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