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We're assisting a client who is planning a 24 by 50 foot educational greenhouse facility. This will be an institutional grade project. We are seeking manufacturers who offer preengineered package greenhouses or greenhouse components who may have an interest in the project. If you know of same, please let us know.

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There's a lot that you can find used on craigslist.  If you can find one that's already taken down (or the owners are willing to do so for a fee) you can often get a really great deal.

Other than that most people go with FarmTek or PolyTex.

I'd encourage you to get a copy of the Ball Redbook.

Very helpful, Jeremiah. Thank you!

I'd recommend GreenHouse Megastore

I bought a commercial one from there 4 years ago, and dealt with Jerry Brown.  The manufacturer was Rimol. While in the end, the greenhouse turned out great, the MANUFACTURER was terrible with their support and delivery.  As I understand it, they no longer handle Rimol.

However, I very much recommend Jerry - as they were fully supportive of the customer (me) and got the manufacturer (s) to do the right thing(s).

Call and ask for Jerry (888-281-9337) and see if he can help you. 


I have used both Farmtek and Greenhouse Megastore. 5 stars service, ordering, delivery, product. 

Although I never pulled the trigger to build a greenhouse, Bob Rimol over at Rimol Greenhouses offers some pretty nice packages along with personal attention

Before this descends into a debate about whether Rimol's got good products or support, can I ask whether people have preferences for attaching using wiggle wire vs. plastic battons?  

The battons are obviously cheaper, but I wonder if they hold up.


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