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Has anyone experienced problems with either their plants or fish heating with a wood stove?  I was wondering if there would be any fumes from the wood fire?


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I would love to have a very small rocket mass in my greenhouse but it is only 8 feet by 10 feet and space is limited, perhapes a 6 inch steel pipe a foot or long would get it done.

The occasional bit of smoke that might get out during loading the stove is natural in nature and won't hurt anything unless you have a prolonged exposure. More likely to be bad for your lungs than the fish or plants if such a long exposure persists for weeks or months. In other words: NO. Been heating our AP GH for 3 Winters and all is very happy.

I put in a rocket mass heater and had to go out to the greenhouse every 30 minutes to stoke it and it didn't hold the heat all night long.  Had to use propane after midnight.


Rob Torcellini said:

Good suggestion Clifford....  I forgot to mention that!  I have that book and it's very good.  My new greenhouse will have a rocket mass heater in it.  I fired up an early prototype this summer.  I was convinced it was the way to heat!  Rob's RMH



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