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Just discovered ich on several of my goldfish. How should I go about treating the parasite in an aquaponics system? If I use the typical ich medication, will the plants suffer? I will probably end up losing all the fish, but how would I make sure the water is not contaminated before a restock?

Any help is much appreciated.

-- Killian 

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I wouldn't worry about many of the treatments for ich as they have never bothered my plants. Perhaps get your treatment from a pond supply store so you can make certain it is safe for both plants and critters. 

Beyond that I suggest catching them and using a hospital tank to treat them.

(better late than never?)

I always, put my sick fish in a sick bay tank. Unless you think all of your fish might have it. If one fish has ich you have to treat them all. I have had good success in treating ich with copper safe, non iodine salt, and adjusting the temperature so it around 78 degrees in the tank. Some fish will not survive however if there infection is to bad. Make sure, there is no sign of ich then and only then you can stop the treatment. 

If you also put your new fish in a quarantine for 30 days or so, it reduces your chance of spreading ich to other fish. 


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