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I'm thinking of using goldfish in my aquaponics system.  For those of you who have chosen to use goldfish, how has your experience been?  Why did you choose goldfish?  Are you glad you chose that fish?  Are there any positive or negative aspects of goldfish that you have learned about since you started?  Would you have chosen a different type of fish?  Just curious before making my final decision.  Thanks for your thoughts.

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I started with a gold fish pond so my experience has been really good. I am starting to expand into a floating raft system. I just use feeders for my pond as I don't grieve the expense of them if I have to start over due to predation or something amiss.

I have a thread going on Aquaponics for Beginners. I think that I might start breeding tropical fish a bit over the winter just to see how that goes. I know that in a deep raft system guppies are often used to keep the plant roots clean. So I may be adding some of them to the outside pond also.

Yeah,  I like gold fish because they are really cheep and pretty easy to get any any pet-store, plus they look good in an out door pond. I have 3 gold fish that are around 4 inches long. One however looks like it ate a golf ball but, I have had that one goldfish for a while and he hasn't died.  I also have more fish too. So goldfish are a good stater fish, if you have never had fish before.

I have 4 comets in a 20 gallon tank and they are doing great.  One suffered ammonia burns but has since healed.  They range in size from 2" to 5" and are growing rapidly.  The one that is 5 inches was 3 inches 7 weeks ago.  I do have an issue that the large one has food aggression, but he only displays it when I am at the tank.  LOL  watch fish guarding house.  All but one will come to the surface and take food from your hand.

Once I can afford a larger system we will be stepping up to other fish types, possibly talapia or trout which I have worked with before.

The grand daughter likes to watch pappa's aquapond so all is good!  Just gotta stop her from using my drains as chin up bars.


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